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Is your company licensed?

Premier Transportation is licensed with the City of Memphis Permits Department. The City of Memphis code requires all passenger carriers for hire to have this licensing. Additionally, Premier Transportation is certified by both the Tennessee Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Administration. Proper licensing assures you that you are dealing with a reputable transportation provider who carries adequate levels of auto insurance, protecting you and your guests or customers.

What licenses/permits do you require of your drivers?

All of our company drivers are licensed by the City of Memphis Permits Department. Bus drivers are licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration with what is commonly known as a “D.O.T. card.” Any driver for hire should have the proper license in his possession, and he should be able to produce that license on demand. These permits are your assurance that the driver has had his criminal background and motor vehicle record checked and certain drug and alcohol testing has been done. Drug and alcohol screenings vary by jurisdiction.

How are your drivers trained?

We provide both classroom and on–the–road training. Our trainers are certified by the State of Tennessee Department of Safety and the Tennessee Safety Council. Safety training includes the Smith System driver training program, the Commentary Driver program of Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and the National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course. Additionally, our drivers receive special training on area sites and are updated regarding special events.

Are you insured?

Premier Transportation has automobile liability insurance coverage for the levels required by the State of Tennessee and the Federal Motor Carrier Administration. Different classes and sizes of vehicles require different levels of coverage. Any motor carrier for hire should be able to produce the required certificate of insurance. Any customer entering into a long term agreement with a passenger carrier for hire should ask to be a “certificate holder” on the carrier’s policy. All of our companies have at minimum the mandated levels of general liability and workers compensation insurance.

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Our first response is to be sure your guests are in a safe, climate controlled environment. We are a 24/7/365 business: we never close. Your driver will immediately notify his supervisor on duty. That supervisor will send a backup driver and vehicle. In an emergency or time–critical situation, our sister companies, Yellow Cab and Checker Cab can be dispatched to the location and transport your guests, at no additional cost to you.

Do you have a routine maintenance program for your vehicles?

We have a full maintenance department located in the “SoFo” area just south of Downtown Memphis. All of our vehicles are on a scheduled maintenance program based on mileage. As a control procedure, each vehicle history is checked monthly to be sure it has not fallen through the cracks. Also, each vehicle is checked under the hood daily for fluid levels and a visual inspection. Scheduled maintenance includes oil and filter changes, a visual check of all safety items [brakes, suspension, front end parts, tire pressure and wear, etc.] and a check to insure that all lights and gauges are working properly.

Are driver tips included in the charges?

All Premier price quotes include a gratuity for the driver. For exceptional service, the customer is free to add a little something extra, but it is by no means required.

Are there any surcharges or taxes added to your rates?

All Premier rates include taxes. Occasionally there are fees or tolls for which the customer will be asked to reimburse us. Our staff will do their best to anticipate these charges, and we will itemize them before you confirm your reservation. However, circumstances may dictate that these charges are unknown until the charter is underway.

What is your cancellation policy?

If the customer cancels with more than 24 hours notice, then there is no charge. With less notice, there is a $100 no–show charge or cancellation fee.

Is eating/drinking allowed on your vehicles?

Eating and drinking is allowed, but cleanup fees may be charged for excessive spills or damages resulting from those spills.

Are you a Memphis International Airport approved concessionaire?

All licensed passenger carriers for hire are allowed to pick up at the airport on an occasional basis. However, if you pickup more than 3 times per month, you are required to have a concession agreement with the airport.

If I arrange for five hours and end up only needing 4 hours, what happens?

Any unused time, beyond the 3 hour minimum, will be refunded to the customer by check or by credit issued to your credit card, depending on how you initially paid for the services.

If I arrange for four hours and end up needing five hours, what happens?

Premier will charge the customers credit card, or bill their account, for any additional hours.

Do you double–book or cancel trips if you get a better booking?

Premier never double–books or cancels confirmed reservations. We caution customers to ask this question when researching transportation providers as it does occur and it can be difficult to re-book at the last minute.